Welcome to Fox Cleaners - London’s most trusted house cleaning company.We offer many different cleaning services to suit your needs - from one off cleaning to long term contracts.All our employees are well trained,friendly people who follow our most important rule: “The customer is always right”.This means that we are always trying to help you with your cleaning needs no matter what your budget is and in which London area do you live.You can eve test our house cleaning services free of charge! (call us and ask for more details about the free trial).During the years we have established more than 4000 customer relationships and we can proudly say that we keep them happy at all costs.Our best rated house cleaning service in London includes:5 star service,quick response - we will give you guarantee for satisfaction,Reasonable fixed prices - you can check our discounted prices,
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Flexible payment methods - we accept most payment methods including paypal,Highly qualified,friendly and reliable cleaners - all of our cleaners are tested and checked,Full insurance cover- our policy can cover up to ?150 000 damage or loss,Free quotation - our quotation is free and always will be,24 hours a day,7 days a week emergency service - you can call any day,any time,Free help and support over the phone - got questions?just give us a call and we will help,11 years of cleaning experience,,Natural,non-toxic and eco friendly cleaning products,30% discount on one of our best value cleaning services every month,100% satisfaction and guarantee for perfection,Delivering latest cleaning technologies,Security - keeping our clients safe and protected is on of our most important goals,Carefully monitoring the attitude and work of our stuff or regular basis and helping them to improve their professional skills.We strives to learn all customers needs and trying to satisfy even the highest requirements.You can read latest reviews and testimonials from our London clients to see what others say about us.Need more information?Please read our tips on how to get the best cleaning service for you moneyWe will give you some tips to find reliable cleaning company in London because this is not an easy task.There are many companies on the market who are using cheap products which can be dangerous for you and your family.There also many cleaning businesses who will change the price in the last moment or will let you down without notice.So the best thing to do is to search on internet for customer reviews.Before you make your decision make sure that the company that you want to hire has many reviews on different websites (because sometimes the reviews can be fake).When finally you narrow your search to few local cleaning companies who have nice reviews from all around the web,now is time to compare their services.Call them and ask for fixed prices (this will insure you that the price will not be changed in the last minute).Then ask about quality guarantee or money back service - if the company is reliable they will agree,if not - you better stay away.Now ask about free estimate on-site - this is very important,because many London cleaners will change you the price in the last moment with the words: “you didn’t tell us that your house is so big…” or something.Another important aspect of hiring domestic cleaner is to check their office location - local companies in your London area will be always cheaper,simply because the lower transport charges.Now,when you have all that information,just find the best value for the money service and enjoy it.

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