Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions


Please read carefully our Terms and Conditions below.We reserve the right to make changes anytime without notice.If you are using our website or you wish to make an online booking,you have to agree with Fox Cleaners Terms and Conditions.



1.1 You can fill our online booking form anytime ,but the booking will not be made before a member of our team make a confirmation (by phone or by email).
1.2 If your booking is confirmed by us and you wish to cancel it,you have to give us a notice atleast 2 days in advance.
1.3 We reserve the right to change our fees anytime if the information provided by you is not correct.


2.1 Our prices are calculated by using many factors such as time to finish the cleaning,equipment needed and number of  employees required.
2.2 Our prices can be changed by us at anytime without a notice ( this is not valid for bookings which are already confirmed).
2.3 Our prices are VAT inclusive and are final.


We accept the following types of payment:

3.1 Cash paymemt
3.2 Credit or Debit card payment
3.3 Cheque payment

Cash payment

3.1.1 Cash payment is accepted only when our cleaning job is completed.
3.1.2 All cash payments must be made only to our authorized employees.
3.1.3 After you make a cash payment to our authorized employee you will receive an invoice within a 3 working days.
3.1.4 If you agree to make a cash payment and the payment is not received within 4 working days after the job completion,we reserve the right to contact the local authorities.

Credit or Debit card payment

3.2.1 You have the right to pay via the following Credit or Debit cards: Visa,Visa Electron,Maestro,MasterCard and American Express.
3.2.2 If you pay via Credit or Debit card your you have the right to know that your card details will not be saved or shared for security reasons and your own safety.
3.2.3 All Credit or Debit card transactions are made on the same day of payment.
3.2.4 If your Credit or Debit card transaction failed,you will be informed immediately

Cheque payment

3.3.1 All Cheque payments must be arranged on the same day our cleaning service is made.
3.3.2 If Cheque payment cannot be proceed,we reserve the right to infrom you and to require alternative payment method.
3.3.3 You have the right to post a Cheque no more then 4 days after the job completion


Access and parking

4.1 You as our customer are required to arrange a full access to the property we have to clean.
4.2 The parking on the day and time of your booking must be organised by you.
4.3 You must provide an water and electricity access on the day and time of booking.


5.1 We can offer an full insurance cover in case of damage or loss.
5.2 To make an insurance claim you must prove that our team is responsible for your damage or loss.
5.3 No insurance claims  will be accepted after our job is done and our team have left your property.
5.3 All claims will be accepted after investigation of our insurance company.


This site  is owned by Fox Group LTD.The company is registered in England and is trading as foxcleaners.co.uk



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