Simple House Cleaning Tips

  1. Make a Cleaning Schedule and Checklist

If you will dedicate yourself into staying organized, it will make the job of cleaning your home dramatically easier. One way to achieve this is to keep a checklist of what you would like to accomplish each day, or even for the week.

As each chore is completed simply, mark it done!

Not only will you succeed in getting necessary house cleaning chores done, but you will also be able to enjoy that feeling of accomplishment. A checklist is also very handy for dividing each of the household chores among family members.

  1. Other checklists - daily and weekly

There are specific items that need to be done daily and others that need only be done weekly. Break the lists down in this manner. By doing daily and weekly checklists, you will know ahead of time what needs to be done on specific days, mark a time for chores and just zip through them.

  1. Organize Your Cleaning Supplies

There are two wonderfully easy ways to organize your house cleaning supplies. One way to do this is to create a supply bucket with all of your major cleaning supplies in it. Keep it in the laundry room or a storage closet and grab it when it is time to do the cleaning.

Another method that works well is to keep the materials you need for cleaning in each specific room. For example, keep bathroom-cleaning materials under the bathroom sink and keep the kitchen cleaning materials under the kitchen sink. When it is time to do the house cleaning, all of your supplies are handily together. Organizing cleaning supplies helps the jobs get done quicker.

  1. Clean from the TOP down!

When your house needs a thorough cleaning, start at the ceiling fans, windowsills, over the tops of doors and any shelving units that are above the head.

By cleaning above your head first, everything will fall toward the floor or any tables. If you need to sweep floors rather than vacuum, you will want to sweep prior to dusting the lower level tables. If you do not need to sweep, then do all the dusting first – then vacuum. That way you do not need to repeat any cleaning steps.

Cleaning does not have to be something you dread doing every time you have to bring the broom out. Simply by creating a good routine, your house cleaning will go faster and much more efficiently. When one spends less time cleaning, it leaves you with more time to enjoy your house or other activities.

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