Carpet Cleaning London

Do you know that your carpet harbors more then 180 000 bacteria on every square inch?Do you know that most of them can’t be removed with the regular cleaning products that can be found in the big supermarkets?Do you know that these cheap products can also be extremely dangerous if inhaled or absorbed through the unprotected skin?At Fox Cleaners London we using the latest  technologies to professionally clean your carpet and safely remove these bacteria with natural cleaning products,especially designed to to keep you and your family in healthy environment.

We train our cleaners to not only clean carpets professionally but also to think about our customers health.That’s why we can proudly give you a 100% guarantee about our carpet cleaning services or your money back.We are happy that we have received hundreds of positive carpet cleaning reviews from our customers which can be found on the bottom of the page (to read these reviews,please choose any of the London areas we serve).

Our carpet cleaning process explained:

1.Firstable  we clean the carpet with professional,vacuum cleaner.Our vacuum cleaners are designed to use low energy and are equipped with water filters (to help allergic people),powerful brushes and air-tight sealed systems.They suck up and keep 99.97% of the dust from your carpet!!


carpet scrubbing machine london2.The second step is deep brush scrubbing  combined with vaporized water steam using the best carpet cleaning system available on the market.Steam cleaning is the best and most recommended cleaning method by the biggest healthy organizations.Steam warms up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit and weakens the bonds between the dirt and the fibers of the carpet and also kill’s most bacteria.The second part of the cleaning machine is the dry steam which scrubb all the dirt and bacteria.and absorb them.The result is absolutely clean carpet,brighter colors,healthy air in the room and happy customers.

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