Carpet Cleaning Tip – Cleaning up Pet Accidents

How many times have you come home to find that your beloved dog has had an accident, or your purrrfect kitten has forgotten to use the liter box? These types of things are incredibly common, and quite a pain in the butt. In addition these accidents can turn into big problems if left unattended. Your soiled rugor carpet will start to smell if not cleaned properly, and your pet might continue his or her actions if the smell is left behind, not to mention the plethora of bacteria that can form on untreated urine stains. Unfortunately pet urine is some of the hardest things to clean up. The stench from urine, and it chemical compound makes it hard to remove completely, especially cat urine, which is over powering and incredibly difficult to get out. The most important tip is to get to the mess as soon as possible, you do not want to let it dry, or dry into the padding under the rugor carpet.
The supplies you will need to clean up pet urine are 3 - 4 dry towels, a cup or two of white vinegar, and some kind of laundry detergent. Some optional items that would be helpful are an empty spray bottle, and a pair of latex or rubber gloves to handle to wet towels.
As soon as you discover the urine, absorb as much liquid as you can from the rug or carpet by blotting the area firmly. As the towels get wet change to a new, dry one and continue the process. You can also step on the area a couple times until it is mostly dry. This process should absorb most of the urine.
After you absorb all you can from the carpet mix 1 cup of water with 1 teaspoon of laundry detergent (no bleach). Take this and either pour into a spray bottle and spray the affected area, making sure to saturate it. If you do  not have a spray bottle you can pour the mixture onto a clean towel and ring it out gently over the area to saturate it. After you saturate your area blot it up again, leaving it slightly wet.
Now take 1 cup of vinegar and 1/2 cup of water and saturate the affected area. This mixture can be left on the urine stains with a towel covering it for about 6 - 8 hours. It is also a good idea to find something heavy to stick on top of the towel during this drying process.

If this process is done immediately it will avoid smell and discoloration in rugs and carpets. In addition using these ingredients will also preserve the color of your rug or carpet and ensure no bleeding will occur in most rugs. Please be sure to contact a carpet cleaning specialist when your rug is silk, antique or contains other special value, these types of carpets require special attention and should only be cleaned by a professional.

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