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This is our Questions and Answers page.If you still can’t find what you are lookig for,feel free to contact us directly.

General Questions

[EXPAND Q. What time i can make a booking and what are your opening hours?]You can make an online booking anytime,using our contact form.If you prefer to book us over the phone,our opening hours are as follows: Monday to Friday – from: 8:00AM to 19:00PM,Saturday: from 10:00AM to 17:00PM,Sunday: Colsed.[/EXPAND]
[EXPAND Q. Do we charge you for cancellation?]If you give us a notice at least 2 days prior the booking we will not make any charges.Otherwise we have a small cancellation fee of ?29.[/EXPAND]
[EXPAND Q. Do we require payment in advnace?]No.You have to pay us only when our job is done.The payment must be made not more then 4 days after the job completion date.[/EXPAND]
[EXPAND How long Fox Cleaners is in the cleaning business?]We are established in 1999 and since then we have served thousands of happy customers.[/EXPAND]

Carpet Cleaning

[EXPAND Q. Are you able to clean all carpet materials?]Yes.Our teams are fully equipped and we can proudly say that we can clean all types of carpet materials including: Polyester,Nylon,Wool and Polypropylene.[/EXPAND]
[EXPAND Q. I found a damage on my carpet after the cleaning.]If you find any damage on your carpet caused by our cleaners,you will get a full refund and our insurance policy will cover all your expenses.[/EXPAND]
[EXPAND Q. Is disinfection included in your Carpet Cleaning Service?]Yes.We will also disinfect your carpets from bacteria which will create a safer environment for you and your family.[/EXPAND]
[EXPAND Q. The carpet cleaning job is done,when my carpet will be completely dry?]It depends of your carpet materials and structure,but typically it takes no more then 2-3 hours.[/EXPAND]
[EXPAND Q. Do you offer guarantee of your carpet cleaning services?]Yes.We always strive to exceed our customer expectations.A 100% guarantee is part of all of our cleaning services.[/EXPAND]

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